Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Landlord Responsibilities

Gas Safe Engineer in Hornchurch 

Did you know, from 1 October 2022, the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulation made it mandatory for all landlords to install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in any room with a fixed combustion appliance? This excludes gas cookers.

This means that as a landlord, you are legally obliged to ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted in any room where there is a gas or oil fired boiler. The alarm can be battery operated and does not need to be wired.

Penalties of up to £5,000 can be issued if the regulation is not complied with for any new tenancies after 1 October 2022.

These regulations don't just cover the private rented sector, it also includes social landlords.

If you're a landlord not currently complying with these regulations, do not delay getting in touch to have an alarm installed.