Chemical Flush In Hornchurch 

Keeping your central heating in top shape, year-round

Central heating systems are rather sensitive. Sludge gradually starts to set and that can make your heating system less efficient and, if left unattended, start corroding components.

A chemical flush quickly and thoroughly removes any sludge and debris that has built up inside your central heating. To get your central heating back in prime shape, contact CAS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd to book a chemical flush in Hornchurch and the surrounding area.


 copper pipes used in a central heating system





Quick and efficient chemical flushing

This process is so thorough that a central heating system will only need a few chemical flushing treatments over the course of their lifetime. Best of all, a chemical flush in Hornchurch from CAS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd will only take a handful of hours, although this can vary depending on your individual central heating system and the number of radiators throughout your property.